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Music For Zeitgeist Fighters
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January 15, 2017

New album by the much revered solo project of Gary Mundy (Ramleh / Broken Flag). 2 pieces of intense, emotional and purgative electronics miles away from audiophile realms.


Welcome to 2017. I’m laughing because I’m thinking of music and I’m thinking of death. Welcome to the Captagon, the room is dizzy and moving. The DJ’s turntables are on fire and the heat hits me full on as I walk onto the dancefloor. Distorted sounds like the bass rumbles or high frequencies are moving from one wall to another, tracer fire and the screams of soldiers in makeshift cages. Perilous geography. Some coded references to sobbing teenagers on tape or scattered corpses in plazas. I’m laughing because of what we all must look like. You perhaps with a biro scrawled note pinned to your chest. Not taped to the front of your shirt, but actually securely pinned to your flesh. Imagine us all like that. Not fucking photoshopped or some shit like that. Maybe a painting, with flames in the distance and the howling of the dogs. Can’t see in or out. Fucked forever in mountains and cellars and attics and seas. Really don’t want to ruin the fun and generally I’m up for anything but this fucking shit cannot go on, can it?

Philip Best - Austin, Texas - USA - January 2017

Track List


  • Music for Dead Dreams


  • Music for Fucked Films
  • KLEISTWAHR Music for Zeitgeist Fighters

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